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A Hazard Of New Fortunes Part 2

User: disha
A Hazard Of New Fortunes Part 2

Not Long After Lent, Fulkerson Set Before Dryfoos One Day His Scheme For
A Dinner In Celebration Of The Success Of 'Every Other Week.' Dryfoos Had
Never Meddled In Any Manner With The Conduct Of The Periodical; But
Fulkerson Easily Saw That He Was Proud Of His Relation To It, And He
Proceeded Upon The Theory That He Would Be Willing To Have This Relation
Known: On The Days When He Had Been Lucky In Stocks, He Was Apt To Drop
In At The Office On Eleventh Street, On His Way Up-Town, And Listen To
Fulkerson's Talk. He Was On Good Enough Terms With March, Who Revised His
First Impressions Of The Man, But They Had Not Much To Say To Each Other,
And It Seemed To March That Dryfoos Was Even A Little Afraid Of Him, As
Of A Piece Of Mechanism He Had Acquired, But Did Not Quite Understand; He
Left The Working Of It To Fulkerson, Who No Doubt Bragged Of It
Sufficiently. The Old Man Seemed To Have As Little To Say To His Son; He
Shut Himself Up With Fulkerson, Where The Others Could Hear The Manager
Begin And Go On With An Unstinted Flow Of Talk About 'Every Other Week;'
For Fulkerson Never Talked Of Anything Else If He Could Help It, And Was
Always Bringing The Conversation Back To It If It Strayed:

The Day He Spoke Of The Dinner He Rose And Called From His Door: "March,
I Say, Come Down Here A Minute, Will You? Conrad, I Want You, Too."

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