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A Certain Rich Man (Fiscle Part-Iv) Of 2

User: silviya
A Certain Rich Man (Fiscle Part-Iv) Of 2
William Allen White
Being No Chapter At All, But An Interlude For The Orchestra

And So The Years Slipped By--Monotonous Years They Seem Now, So Far
As This Story Goes. Because Little Happened Worth The Telling; For
Growth Is So Still And So Dull And So Undramatic That It Escapes
Interest And Climax; Yet It Is All There Is In Life. For The Roots Of
Events In The Ground Of The Past Are Like The Crowded Moments Of Our
Passing Lives That Are Recorded Only In Our Under-Consciousnesses, To
Rise In Other Years In Character Formed, In Traits Established, In
Events Fructified. And In The Years When The Evil Days Came Not, John
Barclay's Tragedy Was Stirring In The Soil Of His Soul.

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