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A Certain Rich Man, Book 1

User: silviya
A Certain Rich Man, Book 1
The Woods Were As The Indians Had Left Them, But The Boys Who Were
Playing There Did Not Realize, Until Many Years Afterwards, That They
Had Moved In As The Indians Moved Out. Perhaps, If These Boys Had
Known That They Were The First White Boys To Use The Indians'
Playgrounds, The Realization Might Have Added Zest To The Make-Believe
Of Their Games; But Probably Boys Between Seven And Fourteen, When
They Play At All, Play With Their Fancies Strained, And Very Likely
These Little Boys, Keeping Their Stick-Horse Livery-Stable In A
Wild-Grape Arbour In The Thicket, Needed No Verisimilitude. The Long
Straight Hickory Switches--Which Served As Horses--Were Arranged
With Their Butts On A Rotting Log, Whereon Some Grass Was Spread For
Their Feed.

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