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Hatchie, The Guardian Slave; Or, The Heiress Of Bellevue (Fiscle Part-X)

User: disha
Hatchie, The     Guardian Slave; Or, The     Heiress Of     Bellevue (Fiscle Part-X)

On The Second Floor Of A Lofty Building In ---- Street, New Orleans, Was
Situated The Office Of Anthony Maxwell, Esq., Attorney And Counsellor At
Law, Commissioner For Georgia, Alabama, And A Dozen Other States. His
Office Had Not The Usual Dusty, Business-Like Aspect Of Such Places, But
Presented More The Appearance Of A Gentleman's Drawing-Room; And, But
For The Ponderous Cases Of Books Bound In Law-Sheep, And A Table Covered
With Tin Boxes And Bundles Of Papers Secured With Red Tape, The Visitor
Would Easily Have Mistaken It For Such. The Space On The Walls Not
Occupied By Book-Cases Was Hung With Rich Paintings, Whose Artistic
Beauty And Elevated Themes Betokened A Refined Taste. The Floor Of The
Room Was Covered By A Magnificent Tapestry Carpet. The Chairs, Lounges
And Tables, Were Of The Most Costly And Elegant Description. The Windows
Were Hung With Graceful And Brilliant Draperies. Every Arrangement Of
The Office Betokened Luxury And Indolence, Rather Than The Severe Toil
And Privation To Which The Aspirant For Legal Honors Must So Often
Submit. The Costly Appurtenances Of The Apartment Seemed To Indicate
That The Young Lawyer's Path To Fame Was Over A Velvet Lawn, Bedecked
With Beautiful Flowers, Rather Than The Rough Road, Steep And Crooked,
Over Which The Greatest Statesmen And Most Eminent Jurists Have Trodden.

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