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How AIDS Travelled to Africa

Population control Von:
How AIDS Travelled to Africa

My other name is Truth Hunter and I believe it's my duty to hunt for the truth and share it with the public.

About the AIDS  monkey conspiracy,  it is true however that the monkey rumoured to have had sex with an African man from Congo had AIDS, But it's not true that the monkey had sex with a human being, nonsense!

I'm sure straight thinking people would know that a monkey is quite strong; it's fast, uncatchable because it can hit and kill a human being, Monkeys have damaged people's faces before and it's impossible for a man to rape a monkey. FACT!

Monkeys were injected with HIV virus drugs and were sent to the jungles of Africa. So in short, AIDS was transported to Africa using Monkeys to infect other monkeys and especially human beings living close to those monkeys.

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