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User: dr.wardha
On 28th July 2010, four people boarded flight ED202, along with 149 other passengers. It was to be their last.

These drabbles are based on true events. Dedicated to all 153 souls who were lost on 28th of July.

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Such powerful drabbles. You really write well. Beautiful and sad.

Wichtiger Beitrag

good effort!! even though 100 words r too less, Wardha did a great job in gripping the attention and leaving an impact

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I really like your book design from cover to page layout. The stories are sad. I cannot imagine myself in their shoes. I like the first one because it is a reminder to all that we should learn to cherish every moment in our lives. There is also a lesson to it that we should learn to forgive others before it’s too late. You’ve got my vote!

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Hi Wardha,

Again, the cover art and page design is beautiful.

I like your story ideas. I wish reality were this accepting and calm, prior to death. I hope this is how those victims felt at that moment.

I like your stories and I'm voting. Check your hyphenation with numbers when adjectival.

Bek :)

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Wonderfully written yet so sad. The way you imagine how those final moments could have been spent was as if you were truly there witnessing them. Very well imagined.

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