A Shepherd's Life(Fiscle Part-3)

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A Shepherd's Life(Fiscle Part-3)
Introductory Remarks--Wiltshire Little Favoured By Tourists--Aspect Of
The Downs--Bad Weather--Desolate Aspect--The Bird-Scarer--Fascination
Of The Downs--The Larger Salisbury Plain--Effect Of The Military
Occupation--A Century's Changes--Birds--Old Wiltshire Sheep--Sheep-Horns
In A Well--Changes Wrought By Cultivation--Rabbit-Warrens On The
Downs--Barrows Obliterated By The Plough And By Rabbits

Wiltshire Looks Large On The Map Of England, A Great Green County, Yet
It Never Appears To Be A Favourite One To Those Who Go On Rambles In The
Land. At All Events I Am Unable To Bring To Mind An Instance Of A Lover
Of Wiltshire Who Was Not A Native Or A Resident, Or Had Not Been To
Marlborough And Loved The Country On Account Of Early Associations. Nor
Can I Regard Myself As An Exception, Since, Owing To A Certain Kind Of
Adaptiveness In Me, A Sense Of Being At Home Wherever Grass Grows, I Am
In A Way A Native Too. Again, Listen To Any Half-Dozen Of Your Friends
Discussing The Places They Have Visited, Or Intend Visiting, Comparing
Notes About The Counties, Towns, Churches, Castles, Scenery--All That
Draws Them And Satisfies Their Nature, And The Chances Are That They
Will Not Even Mention Wiltshire. They All Know It "In A Way"; They Have

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