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Villegagnon (fiscle part-9) A Tale Of The Huguenot Persecution

User: silviya
Villegagnon (fiscle part-9) A Tale Of   The   Huguenot Persecution

The Question Was Put By A Beautiful Girl Scarcely Yet Verging On
Womanhood To A Fine Intelligent Youth, Two Or Three Years Her Senior, As
They Paced Slowly On Together Through The Gardens Of The Louvre On The
Banks Of The Seine, Flowing At That Period Bright And Clear Amid Fields
And Groves. Before Them Rose The Stately Palace Lately Increased And
Adorned By Henry The Second, The Then Reigning Monarch Of France, With
Its Lofty Towers, Richly Carved Columns, And Numerous Rows Of Windows
Commanding A View Over The City On One Side, And Across Green Fields And
Extensive Forests, And Far Up And Down The River On The Other.

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