The Awakening Of China

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The Awakening Of     China

China Is The Theatre Of The Greatest Movement Now Taking Place
On The Face Of The Globe. In Comparison With It, The Agitation
In Russia Shrinks To Insignificance; For It Is Not Political, But
Social. Its Object Is Not A Changed Dynasty, Nor A Revolution In
The Form Of Government; But, With Higher Aim And Deeper Motive, It
Promises Nothing Short Of The Complete Renovation Of The Oldest,
Most Populous, And Most Conservative Of Empires. Is There A People
In Either Hemisphere That Can Afford To Look On With Indifference?

When, Some Thirty Years Ago, Japan Adopted The Outward Forms Of
Western Civilisation, Her Action Was Regarded By Many As A Stage
Trick--A Sort Of Travesty Employed For A Temporary Purpose. But
What Do They Think Now, When They See Cabinets And Chambers Of
Commerce Compelled To Reckon With The British Of The North Pacific?
The Awakening Of Japan'S Huge Neighbour Promises To Yield Results
Equally Startling And On A Vastly Extended Scale.

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