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Level 13

The Stone Whispers Von:
Level 13
Arealynn Academy was once the most cunning and charming of all the Stonewall schools. The place built to serve and teach and most of all protect the most gifted youngsters of the generations.

However, the Administration at Arealynn has been corrupted, and they have been hideing and covering up questions and gossip. Especially after the Disappearance of young Mara Quinn.

Presently, Kitty Frentt and the youngest of the famous Kresht brothers, Jack, must push their family differences aside and work together to figure out the strange goings on on the abandoned level 9 and discover the truth behind Kitty's strange dreams.

They must work together with friends and family to find the answers to the imprisoning school of Stonewalls Arealyyn

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Level 13"
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Level 13
The Stone Whispers
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