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Dangerous Dementions

The Birthing Hour Von:
Dangerous Dementions
I was a hunter. I was a warrior. I was a fighter. I was the protector between worlds and I was the chosen leader. All of them at my command, waiting for my word, waiting for their orders…and I was standing there. Frozen by fear.

Their lives were in my hands.

And I wasn’t ready to play God...

(Unfinished series)

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Dangerous Dementions"
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Dangerous Dementions
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I really do like the story, but its sad that we don't know how it ends, or who she going into battle with. Hope you can get rid of your writers block. I had that happen many times

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Thank you so much, you are positively wonderful. I have had such horrible writers block, plus i didn't believe what i wrote was worth anything, but I come back to your words and I must thank you. If you have any ideas for my book, anything you would like to see, Id be most honored to hear them. I always love a good idea :)

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and another thing my book is **** compared to yours i expect to see another

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Gelöschter User

you are the most amazing writer, i now look up to you. It was a fantastic idea and the satrt was good too, i would recommend this book to anyone!!! :D

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***** That was such a good book, please write more soon because I really want to know what happens... I think that this book is great, and you don't need to fix anything at all because you definitely grasp the reader's attention easily in the beginning, and the ending is so abrupt that anyone who reads your book is waiting on edge for the next to release itself. You are a very talented writer, and I hope you use your gifts in... mehr anzeigen

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Dear Reader:
Thank you very much for your support and your words.
I am glad you enjoyed it :) I am working on the next bit so hopefully it will be up soon or at least a preview ;)


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