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Her Protector

User: h0tr3ad3r
Her Protector
Vampire/Romance. He was her childhood imaginary friend. When she was sad he was always there. Now she was home to bury her parents. She was back in the home that held no love for her. The only time she had felt love was when Marcus came to her at night to hold or talk to her. So why was he here now? She was a grown woman. Not a child anymore. Beth didn't need a childhood imaginary friend but was she ready for the way she did need Marcus.
He'd watch over her from the time at the age of four her crys called out to him as he slept below his old family home. He'd gone to her as soon as the sun had gone down and had watched over her until she was sent off to school. He had know with just one look at her as a child that she was meant to be his. He just had to wait for her to grow up and return to him. Now she was back. Their time had finally come.

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Write soon please your book sounds amazing I can't wait to read it.

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omg im already intrested please write more soon ! thanks !

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