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Veronica's Fantasies

Veronica's Fantasies

We chatted for a bit when he said, “Sweetie, I have a surprise for you too.” He lowered his camera and I saw the back of a woman’s head appear. The head of a brunette with long hair was moving up and down in Bill’s lap.

I had two more orgasm’s watching Bill’s blowjob. I think he had taken a Viagra for he was still hard and she was still going at it when I caught myself yawning.

“Sweetie, “I said. “I have to sleep. Enjoy your blowjob.”

I turned off my laptop and got into bed. My pussy was warm and moist. Jason’s cum was still on my face and I knew that Bill, the man I loved, was in seventh heaven at this very moment. I felt peaceful and contented and turned off the light.

Guess what? It's XXX rated. No minors, SVP

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