Intermediate German Short Stories

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Intermediate German Short Stories

Captivating Short Stories to Improve Your German Vocabulary and Reading Skills!



Intermediate German Short Stories is a collection of five short stories in German, written especially for intermediate learners of approximately B1 and B2 levels on the Common European Framework of Reference.


Intermediate learners will be reassured to know that only grammatical structures studied at B1 and B2 levels are included in this book.


Also, the vocabulary is appropriate for intermediate learners, so anyone who has been learning German for a bit longer should be able to understand the stories.


With this book you get:


  • Five short stories in German at intermediate level
  • German-English glossary for each story to explain any difficult or unknown vocabulary
  • Summary in German of each story
  • Comprehension questions and answers to check your understanding


Intermediate German Short Stories will provide you with a challenging and yet entertaining way to improve your vocabulary and reading skills in German.


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