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20 Ways To Ascertain You Need Deliverance

20 Ways To Ascertain You Need Deliverance

Jesus “…saith.. They that are whole have no need of physician but THEY THAT ARE SICK…” Mk. 2:17.


Recently, I was discussing with my younger sister (who happen to be a Gospel Minster) about this book, when she said “Supposen a man is sick but does not know nor even recognize that he is sick? ...What happens?” My answer is that “The patient will almost certainly die in his state!”


This book, the “20WAYS TO ASCERTAIN YOU NEED DELIVERANCE” by Dr. Venture O. Omor will put you on the definite pathway to total victory and freedom from every bondage of satan. Prayerfully read through and be blessed! 

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Venture Omor

Are you in doubt whether you are suffering from demonic oppressions in your life/ This book will expose to you everything you need to know about satanic activities

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