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Lila's Voyage

Lila's Voyage
The view outside was not as spectacular as one might expect, in fact it was rather boring. The vids always showed the gorgeous colorful galaxies when in reality the view in deep space was black with only small points of light indicating stars. Space travel in particular was not all that exciting as the media had portrayed it in movies and television. The spacescape was dark and dismal. The long travel times spent either in deep sleep or tedious work routines. Not the exciting and fantastic adventures that dated back to the early Star Trek and Star Wars movies. She had been in deep sleep for 62 days on the way to the Toab system to deliver a load of durillium in hopes of making a profit and procuring another load of something that would take her to some other place in the galaxy. Of course, cargo hauling was not the most exhilarating vocation to start with. There were more glamorous jobs like the cruise liners, more adventurous occupations like the scientific explorations, and more dangerous jobs like the military. But the quiet, easy-going cargo hauling profession suited her just fine.
This was her third year running cargo, not her first plan for a career, but since her dismissal from Earth Fleet, the details still haunted her, she felt fortunate to have kept her pilot's license. They say in deep sleep you don't dream, but when she woke up there were vivid images that she couldn't place. Some of the images were about her career in the military, but some of them were about tramping through forests with strange creatures. She could understand the dreams about her career, but was confused about the forest images. She supposed that the doctors didn't understand everything about deep sleep.

science, adventure, action
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