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: The Atlantic Monthly, Volume V, Number 29, March, 1860 (Fiscle Part-X) A Magazine Of Literature, Art, A

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: The     Atlantic Monthly, Volume V, Number 29, March, 1860 (Fiscle Part-X)        A Magazine Of     Literature, Art, A
The American Character Is Now Generally Acknowledged to Be The Most
Cosmopolitan Of Modern Times; And A Native Of This Country, All Things
Being equal, Is Likely To Form A Less Prescriptive Idea Of Other Nations
Than The Inhabitants Of Countries Whose Neighborhood And History Unite
To Bequeathe And Perpetuate Certain Fixed notions. Before The Frequent
Intercourse Now Existing between Europe And The United states, We
Derived our Impressions Of The French People, As Well As Of Italian
Skies, From English Literature. The Probability Was That Our Earliest
Association With The Gallic Race Partook Largely Of The Ridiculous.
All The Extravagant Anecdotes Of Morbid Self-Love, Miserly Epicurism,
Strained courtesy, And Frivolous Absurdity Current Used to Boast A
Frenchman As Their Hero. It Was So In novels, Plays, And After-Dinner
Stories. Our First Personal Acquaintance Often Confirmed this Prejudice;
For The Chance Was That The One Specimen Of The Grand Nation Familiar To
Our Childhood Proved a Poor _Émigré_ Who Gained a Precarious Livelihood
As A Dancing-Master, Cook, Teacher, Or Barber, Who Was Profuse Of
Smiles, Shrugs, Bows, And Compliments, Prided himself On _La Belle
France_, Played the Fiddle, And Took Snuff. A More Dignified view
Succeeded, When We Read "Télémaque," So Long An Initiatory Text-Book
In The Study Of The Language, Blended as Its Crystal Style Was In our
Imaginations With The Pure And Noble Character Of Fénelon.

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