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Young Folks Treasury, Volume 4 (of 12)

User: silviya
Young Folks Treasury, Volume 4 (of 12)

After Our Boys And Girls Have Read The First Half Of This Volume,
Containing Selected And Simplified Stories From Some Of The Greatest
Books Of All Time, Their Authors Will Cease To Be Merely Names. Homer,
Shakespeare, Chaucer, Cervantes And Bunyan Will Be Found Here As
Familiar And Easy In Style As "Cinderella" Or "The Three Bears." True
Enough, The First Word In "Classic Tales" May Look Somewhat Alarming
To The Eyes Of Youthful Seekers After Romance And Adventure, But We
Challenge Them To Turn To Any One Of These Selections From Immortal
Masterpieces And Not Become Spellbound And, Moreover, Impatient For
More. And, Believing Now That They Have Grown Very Much Interested In
These Famous Books, Of Course We Also Believe They Want To Learn
Something About Them.

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