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The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898 Volume 11, 1599-1602 Volume 89

User: silviya
The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898 Volume 11, 1599-1602  Volume 89
In the city of Manila, on the seventh of January, one thousand five
hundred and ninety-nine, the president and auditors of the royal
Audiencia of the Philipinas Islands declared that, whereas, in the
collection of taxes by the alcaldes-mayor of the provinces of these
islands, and by their notaries and officials, there is great excess
and disorder, from failing to observe his Majesty's royal tariffs,
whence arise many difficulties and obstacles to the service of God
our Lord, and of his Majesty: therefore, to remedy these evils,
they ordered, and they did so order, that all the alcaldes-mayor,
both now and henceforth, in all of the provinces of these said
islands, shall observe and cause to be observed the royal tariff of
his Majesty and his royal Audiencia; and, in conformity with it,
shall levy and cause to be levied the taxes to them appertaining,
as also shall their notaries and officials--levying on the natives
a third less than on the Spaniards, according to the declaration
thereof in the said tariff; and that each one of them shall have a
copy of this tariff. They shall neither use nor levy the said taxes
by any other tariffs, under penalty of a fine of one hundred pesos
for the treasury of his Majesty and the expenses of justice. By this
act they so provided, ordered, and decreed.

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