Lippincott'S Magazine Of Popular Literature And Science, Volume 26

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Lippincott'S Magazine Of Popular Literature And Science, Volume 26
"And If You Do Get Lost After That, It's No Great Matter," Said The
County Clerk, Folding Up His Map, "For Then All You've Got To Do Is To
Find William Townsend And Inquire."

He Had Been Giving Us The Itinerary For Our "Cross-Country" Journey, By
Way Of The Lakes, To Ekoniah Scrub. How Many Of All The Florida
Tourists Know Where That Is? I Wonder. Or Even _What_ It Is--The
Strange Amphibious Land Which Goes On From Year To Year
"Developing"--The Solid Ground Into Marshy "Parrairas," The Prairies
Into Lakes, Bright, Sparkling Sapphires Which Nature Is Threading, One
By One, Year By Year, Upon Her Emerald Chaplet Of Forest Borderland?
How Many Of Them All Have Guessed That Close At Hand, Hidden Away Amid
The Shadows Of The Scrub-Oaks, Lies Her Laboratory, Where Any Day They
May Steal In Upon Her At Her Work And Catch A World A-Making?

There Are Three Individuals Who Know A Little More About It Now Than
They Did A Few Weeks Since--Three, Or Shall We Not Rather Say Four? For
Who Shall Say That Barney Gained Less From The Excursion Than The
Artist, The Scribe And The Small Boy Who Were His Fellow-Travellers?
That Barney Became A Party To The Expedition In The Character, So To
Speak, Of A Lay-Brother, Expected To Perform The Servile Labor Of The
Establishment While His Superiors Were Worshipping At Nature's Shrines,
In Nowise Detracted From His Improvement Of The Bright Spring Holiday.
It Was, Indeed, Upon The Small Boy Who Beat The Mule, Rather Than Upon
The Mule That Drew The Wagon, That The Fatigues Of The Expedition Fell.
"He Just Glimpses Around At Me With His Old Eyeball," Says The Small
Boy, Exasperate, Throwing Away His Broken Cudgel, "And That's All The
Good It Does."

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