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Harvard Psychological Studies, Volume 1 Fiscle (Part-I)

User: paul
Harvard Psychological Studies, Volume 1 Fiscle (Part-I)
The Appearance Of the Harvard Psychological Studies Does Not Indicate
An Internal Change In the Work Of the Harvard Psychological
Laboratory. But While Up To This Time The Results Of our
Investigations Have Been Scattered In various Places, And Have Often
Remained Unpublished Through Lack Of space, Henceforth, We Hope To
Have In these Studies The Opportunity To Publish The Researches Of the
Harvard Laboratory More Fully And In one Place. Only Contributions
From Members Of the Harvard Psychological Laboratory Will Be Printed
In These Volumes, Which Will Appear At Irregular Intervals, And The
Contributions Will Represent Only Our Experimental Work;
Non-Experimental Papers Will Form An Exception, As With The Present
Volume, Wherein Only The Last One Of the Sixteen Papers Belongs To
Theoretical Psychology.

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