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Saved By the Man

Book 1 of the Zoe and Erik series Von:
User: emogal997
Saved By the Man
Zoe is just an ordinary girl with simple problems but when she is raped by her ex-boyfriend and her crush, Erik's, sister is kidnapped she has more than just simple high school drama to deal with. She has to race against time to save Erik's little sister. Will they find her in time and will Zoe's deep desire to have Erik hold up the searching?

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Zoe and Erik mystery's"
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Saved By the Man
Book 1 of the Zoe and Erik series
Teen life, sad, mystery, love, romance
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Sorry I havent finish the book yet im still working on any case I have updated the book a bit and as I speak im working on the rest of the Book. Like I said on my other profile I'm sorry I have writters block. If you have an idea for what you believe should happen or will happen please tell me I need some ideas thanks :)

Vanessa Lynn Gilbert :P

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