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Arcadia Resurgence

Arcadia Resurgence

something that can be seen but not touched, like a flower reflected in a mirror or the moon reflected on the water's surface; something that is beautiful but unattainable dreams, a mirage. "flower seen in the mirror, moon on the water's surface" meaning in lifes meanig is to want to have the unattainable but once acquired we are either satisfied or look for the next apex maybe human desire is nothing but the illusion of being content..Ive been searching for a lifetime and one truth rings most true surviving equals suffering otherwise known as the porcupine dilemma a situation in which a group of porcupines seek to move close to one another to share heat during cold weather. They must remain apart, however, as they cannot avoid hurting one another with their sharp spines. Though they all share the intention of a close reciprocal relationship, this may not occur, for reasons they cannot avoid. Both Arthur Schopenhauer and Sigmund Freud have used this situation to describe what they feel is the state of the individual in relation to others in society. The hedgehog's dilemma suggests that despite goodwill, human intimacy cannot occur without substantial mutual harm, and what results is cautious behavior and weak relationships. With the hedgehog's dilemma, one is recommended to use moderation in affairs with others both because of self-interest, as well as out of consideration for others. The hedgehog's dilemma is used to explain introversion and self-imposed seperation alone in melancholy. BDSM fills the gapping void of misrepresentation of will and without it..without her...i reject myself the world and the weakness of praise & death drive 

submission, bondage, humiliation, dom, ddlg
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