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The Book of Non-Existence

User: vadim88
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Although I am young, I found this book to be interesting, to say the least. The one idea I just can't wrap my head around is the 'presence of an absence of a non-existence'. If you could try to explain a little more, that would help a lot. <--(I mean this as an I don't understand, not trying to be rude in any way)

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I had much fun reading your essay.
Encountering the Nothing is the most essential insight.
Hegel needed it as dialectical antipod to Something.
Schopenhauer was deeply critizising all systems of being - and landed in pessimism while Marx didn`t follow Schopenhauer, but Hegel. Schopenghauer`s approach was by categories of being - this exactly does taoism NOT. They have no name for it except the wuwai thing...
And Heidegger was... mehr anzeigen

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I am glad that my "book about Nothing" has interested you:) One chapter from it has been published in the Indian magazine "Taj Mahal Review".

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Ninos Motingwe

Fire Brother

Ninos Motingwe

Can you send me a copy/ PDF

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