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Modern Spiritualism (Fiscle Part-9)

User: silviya
Modern Spiritualism (Fiscle Part-9)
What Think Ye? Whence Is It—From Heaven Or Of Men? Such Was The Nature Of
The Question Addressed By Our Saviour To The Men Of His Time, Concerning
The Baptism Of John. It Is The Crucial Question By Which To Test Every
System That Comes To Us In The Garb Of Religion: Is It From Heaven Or Of
Men? And If A True Answer To The Question Can Be Found, It Must Determine
Our Attitude Toward It; For If It Is From Heaven, It Challenges At Once
Our Acceptance And Profound Regard, But If It Is Of Men, Sooner Or Later,
In This World Or In The World To Come, It Will Be Destroyed With All Its
Followers; For Our Saviour Has Declared That Every Plant Which Our
Heavenly Father Has Not Planted Shall Be Rooted Up. Matt. 15:13.

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