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It is a type of mental illness in which the mind is either very sad or extremely happy for several weeks or months continuously. Negative in sadness and high thoughts come in the mind in mania. About one in 100 people get this disease at some point in their life. The disease often starts between 14 years and 19 years. Both men and women are affected equally by this disease. This disease rarely starts after 40 years.


Bipolar one: - In this type of disease, at least once in the patient, there is a period of excessive speed, excessive energy, excessive excitement and high talk. This type of fast lasts for about 3-6 months. Even if untreated, the patient can be cured on his own. Another form of this type of disease can come in the form of sadness in the mind at any time. It is called depression when sadness lasts for more than two consecutive weeks. 


One form of depression: - It involves excessive sadness in the mind of the patient, anorexia at work, irritability, nervousness, self-aggression, despair about the future, lack of energy in the body, hatred of oneself, lack of sleep, sex desire. Lack, desire to cry in mind, lack of confidence remains constant. Thoughts of suicide keep coming in the mind. The patient's ability to work is severely reduced. Sometimes the patient does not feel like going out. Does not feel like talking to anyone. When this type of sadness is more than two weeks, then it should be considered as a disease and should be consulted.


This eBook is a guide and serves as a fist guide. In addition, please get expert advise. Rohit Bhargav is a good philosopher worked under many Indian history writers. He used content in this book on his knowledge and some content taken from different newsletter & magazines.


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