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Neoapocrypha and Modern Gospels

Navigation to unusual and freely available Jesus material Von:
Neoapocrypha and Modern Gospels
One of my predecessors in the pastorate was a grandson of the great Emil Kautzsch, one of the first translators of apocrypha and pseudepigrapha in Germany more than 100 years ago. He wanted people to read the texts, and many did and knew very well. Not so today: even “Bible - Christians” have not read one single line, and that is really too bad.
After having published a navigator to OT and NT apocrypha and pseudepigrapha, I will do now the same with neoapocrypha and modern gospels which are the subject of this book – I want to help spreading “the word” by helping readers to find freely available texts they can enjoy. I am convinced reading such material will provide much “cleansing work” in the mind of the reader in order to learn thinking in a more stringent, clear and restrained manner. This might help getting closer to “my own and personal thinking and guessing” when it comes to very deep questions on life, death, love, meaning, sense, God and the spiritual realm (as we use to say today).

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