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Ecce Homo

A collection of different views on Jesus Von:
Ecce Homo
If you watch Black Sabbath´s Song "God is dead?" you will see that Ozzy Osbourne must have known the “Zeitgeist” documentary proving his deeper interest also in the case of God and Jesus. My case in this book is not Ozzy Osbourne (though I always loved to listen to him), nor the Zeitgeist movie (which is indeed an amazing film everybody should watch with discernment). If Ozzy Osbourne has time to look deeper when it comes to God and Jesus, we should also take our time to watch and dig and uncover hidden treasures, and there are many waiting for discovery. The case of Jesus is one of them. Here is the reason I publish this book being a collection of many different views and approaches encountering Jesus of Nazareth, and it schould be a good cross section of all those countless writings about the man from Galilee. As you read above – not even people like Ozzy Osbourne were able to leave the case well alone...

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