Impressive Texts On A Strong Perception: Camus, Kafka, Kierkegaard, Unamuno, Borges, Cortazar And Others Von:
The book you are about to read is a collection of deep and controversial texts. They all deal with the strange phenomenon called absurdity. Life is not about logics following reasonable ways. It rather has absurd faces – at least our perception tells us that story, and we have no difficulties to follow. Although we struggle: life is absurd? Really? Is there not a divine plan? Isn´t absurdity a sign of the absense of the divine? A sign of the devil? A satanic agenda?

This is the reason I put those texts together giving readers an easy access to material other thinkers share with us, for both, experience and perception of the absurd has moved humans at all times. The absurd is indeed an important topic in human´s life experience.

There is no real answer on the “why” of absurdity, if we are honest we do not know much about it. But we can read what humans have written and thought. That means listening to the voices of our ancestors: they often suffered from absurdity in life too. And by sharing their experiences in books and written witnesses they hoped their children had a better insight and perception – and finally hope.

So go and read and look how your inner feelings and perceptions are affected, how some will get clear and some will fade away. You must give yourself time to “digest” what you have read. Go and read and think for yourself, always! You must find answers for yourself! May your journey lead you to deep joy and peace! Nothing else was my intention publishing this sourcebook.

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