immortal seed

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immortal seed
A psychotic serial killer code named 'doll face' mysteriously ends up dead. Years later, the sleeping evil is unintentionally awakened by a feminist cult (velvet widows) as they harness stolen embryos with a bid to create a perfect female child. But things do not go according to plan for the power hungry widows. As the child grows older, she experiences a split personality disorder, demonstrating bizarre abilities whenever her evil half takes control. A string of gruesome murders soon leave London's police force puzzled and inspector Lark is assigned to the case.

Lark's wife has just absconded from her matrimonial bed, leaving him for a wealthy lover. Lark is left heartbroken and in pieces. He soon finds comfort in the arms of Cindy Valentine but is unaware of the dark secrets in her past. Things soon get complicated when a work associate, constable Sarah Mattews dangles the proverbial carrot before his eyes. A love triangle is built, with the inspector right at the center of it. The rest you can find out when you look inside my book.

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