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Sex dance, Sexquette

User: ggbrixcat
Sex dance, Sexquette
Quote from the ebook, “Sex dance, Sexquette.”

If you are left unfulfilled after sex with your partner, this ebook might be for you.
If you are left feeling something is missing but you have decided that it is what sex is and you would grab what you can get, then this ebook can enhance your pleasure. Sex is never a solitary act but a feeling of it linger when done in a sophomoric fashion. The sex reduced to a physical activity may be o.k. for animals but not for two people. This ebook is meant to be an extra addition to your sexual expertise.

sex, etiquette, old, virile, love making, love, partner
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I always thought accepting who we are without cutting any part of ourselves out is the most human thing we can do in dealing with others. you know, not looking others in a caricature. sex is and has been a part of us and there is no way we can take that out of us. not passing on our knowledge of how to consummate a lasting partnership skill to our children is rather irresponsible of us. they are picking them up all on their... mehr anzeigen

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