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Bob Cook And The German Spy (Fiscle Part-9)

User: silviya
Bob Cook And The   German Spy (Fiscle Part-9)

Every One Knows That Germany Is Famous For Her Spy System. Scarcely A
Land On Earth But Is, Or Was, Honeycombed With The Secret Agents Of The
German Government. Ever Since This Country Began To Send War Munitions To
The Allies An Organized Band Of Men Has Plotted And Schemed Against The
Peace And Welfare Of The United States. When America Itself Declared War
Their Efforts Naturally Were Redoubled. Our Secret Service Has Been
Wonderfully Efficient, But It Has Not Been Humanly Possible To Apprehend
Every Spy And Plotter At Once. It Is A Big Task To Unravel All The
Secrets Of This Great German Organization.

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