Zombie Nights

Zombie Nights
Being a zombie, not so easy. That could have been Dave Connor's six word memoir. "At first he couldn't remember how he'd ended up in that shallow grave; he just knew it was hell to claw his way out, and that the taste of its dirt would remain in his mouth for the rest of his time on this earth" ... Expect the unexpected in this existential resurrection thriller.

zombie, existential, resurrection, bullies
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Thanks! Actually I do have a lot more but not on this site. On Feedbooks and Smashwords I have around 30 titles - no other "horror" stories, though. I mostly write comic sci-fi, with an occasional surreal mystery thrown in :}

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Jessica Kelley

Even if the ending was cruel, you're right, zombie stories have only one way to go.
I thoroughly enjoyed it, I hope you have more stories like this because you have talent.

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I didn't like the ending at all!!! Too cruel! It was too short, too. If I had to rate it, I'd give it a seven out of ten.

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I had hoped you could also see it as somewhat merciful. Zombie stories only have one ending.

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