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A visit to the concentration camp at Dachau.

concentration camp, nazi
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wow, the way you write is really excellent, i couldn't stop reading this for two reasons

1) I'm interested in world war 2 and loads of historical things like titanic.

2) It was written really well and your heart and soul has went into this book. This is a book to be proud of.

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I'm not directly a holocaust survivor. My parents ran from the Nazis,leaving Poland in 1939. I remember long trips on cattle cars(fortunately not to Concentration camp) as we made our way across the Russia border. Years in D.P. camps listening to stories circulating among fellow refugees left their mark on me and others like me. I'm by no means making a comparison here. Being Jewish, living among Jews, the reminders of the... mehr anzeigen

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A well penned book portraying the prisoners' conflict. A pleasure to read. Thnx for sharing.

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Tom, I have read this before, thanks to your graciousness, but as I read it again, my eyes tear up once more as I remember what you describe here in words so elegently arranged. I also remember you talking about these scenes when we met and your eyes tearing up. I also know what the words convey and mean to the both of us. This poem is well penned. Thanks for sharing.


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Tom, This is beautifully written, very hard to read, you show in simple phrases the terrible conflicts facing the prisoners of Dachau.

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Thank you for taking the time to read the poem. It was years after the actual visit (yes, it is autobiographical)
before I could begin to write about Dachau.

Even though years have passed since I wrote the poem, it still haunts when I read it.

Thank you,


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