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The Cure

Path of an Angel Von:
The Cure

In the Qur'an, God swears on Sure Takvir on the last day. The day when the sun darkens. The day when all the letters rise, when everyone knows what he has done. God also swears by the girls buried alive by the Arabs with great punishment for the Arabs and the pure, the rotating star who has returned.
The pure; who are neither crazy, nor insane just wise. Your friend is today's Ahmad, who met Gabriel in heaven, looked into her eyes and was supposed to be the future again and never practiced envy.

Again Gabriel brought down the Qur'an and all the angels listened to Gabriel.


After six years, I am fully aware that I am the angel Fatima.
Am I the pure one for whom the five prophets were asked not to consume pork for their honour?
That is the truth.
Am I the Spirit of Truth and do I possess The Spirit after I have walked my path and walked around in the atmosphere for four days without spirit?  

That, too, is the truth.
Is the Spirit on the move?
Yes, that too is the truth.
According to the Prophet Mohammad, am I the beginning and the end?
This I cannot comprehend.
Was I baptized in water by the Holy Ghost? Yes. That, too, is the truth.
Has he been with me ever since?
That, too, is the truth.
Is everything connected to me, by the antimatter of the stars and then were the elements pulled out of me?
Yes. That is also the truth.
Was Adam with me, holding my hand?
Yes - that is the future and at the same time the truth.

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