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The Viking Warrior Heroes

The Viking Warrior Heroes

This is a short story about Vikings who protect themselves and others from harm. In addition to fending off an attack on their fort, they save the region from pirates and other bad guys.

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Viking, warrior, fort, pirates, bad guys, heroes
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This could be a fun story, but you should do a lot more research about the Vikings before asking people to purchase this. Among the glaring errors are several anachronisms, one of which is the inclusion of french fries in their meal. This food item was not even invented until the 1700s.

Another problem is that the word "viking" was itself often translated as "pirate" since they were not simply sea-travelers. When a village of... mehr anzeigen

3 Kommentare

I appreciate your feedback. Although I see where you're coming from, I was just doing my own fiction and trying to have fun with it. You sometimes just have to use your imagination and do your own thing in order to not go crazy and quit having fun writing.


I agree with the whole "fun" thing, believe me. In fact, one of the first things I tell my music students with regard to learning a new piece, is that if they aren't having fun, they're doing something wrong.

I also have to make a confession - I'm a major nerd, and research to me... mehr anzeigen


Thank you.

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