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Beautiful red

Red rose Von:
Beautiful red
Dorky,Amber Stone hated the color red for a long time.She had red hair and she hated. She thought about dying it.Daneil weatherspoon,the most hottest guy in school, said he loved the color red and said she shouldn't dye it.Ambr was soon to find out why.....

humor, love, vampires, high school
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You have some wonderful ideas and the dialogue is engaging. Please edit this and put in paragraphs, correct your spelling and grammar, and repost it. If you do, I guarantee you'll get a lot more reads and you'll be taken seriously as a writer.

You have tons of natural talent, and I'd love to see you develop your skill. Not everyone can make the worn-out vampire genre fun and interesting, but you have done exactly that, even... mehr anzeigen

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