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Voted as tie in 2nd Rank in the 2010 Poetry Contest

This is a collection of poetry about reflections in our life. Read through and get inspired to move on in your life’s journey.

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Good thoughts. Spiritual life is complicate but what other life is there?


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I really appreciate all your comments. I am happy that this e-book was voted as tie in the 2nd rank in our Poet’s Week Contest 2010. The quotes I wrote at the last page are all my original verses that will be included in my other book that is not yet published. I hope that I’ve shared some words of wisdom to all our readers. Thank you for your support.

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Sorry I haven't been on to check and vote for this one!
It's really great, though.
Inspirational at the most.

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Tina, you are such a natural talented poet!I love your poems..especially I thought I am Strong (believe it or not I wrote a poem about the opposite LOL it was years ago). Your langaguage is simple yet they are like beautifully and carefully chosen.Oh, the complain poems is hilarious..oh,God I laughed at myself ahhaha
Good luck

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and a tribute to the one who carries us over and through the battles of life...Paula

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