Fire, Ice and Thunder

Fire, Ice and Thunder
Before the birth of the world, there lay a black sepulchre of nothingness that we now call "The Abyss". Three elements, in the forms of Gods, emerged from this nihilistic portal at the Creation of Time.

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Wow, I love the myth! The personalities were very well described(: And the whole book was very thrilling well written!
Sorry if this is a REALLY short review(:
It was just an awesome book! I usually read teen fiction and romance, but this was great! And like cwzvil92 said, shortening the blurb can be helpful(: And by the way, thank you for the comment! I was grinning from ear to ear when I read it. :D

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I liked your mythological story. The descriptions of the three days of creation created great images as well as hints of personality traits of each God. What I would have liked to see was a shorter blurb. I think your blurb gives too much away and would bring in more readers if it was shorter. Also in the second chapter the two times you mentioned nor sounded a bit off to me, maybe think about another word. However, that is... mehr anzeigen

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Gelöschter User

You have an amazing imagination and told the story of creation under the Norse Gods very nicely. It has potential to become a longer story. Love your cover too. All your covers really. Well done :).

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You're a good drabble writer. I loved that you chose the Norse gods as characters for each drabble. You sir have my vote.

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Adam Lewis LaValley

Of Norse Gods, I always have an interest. There are tellings and re-tellings of them in numerous tales; but you seem to capture their personalities with exceptional pose!

I have happily voted.

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I always did have a soft spot for Mythology; especially when it comes to Loki and his wicked ways. I truly feel that you captured his taunting attitude and malicious nature. I can't wait for more.

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