To Be an Outcast

To Be an Outcast
Ha. You'd think that hundreds of years into the future would be the place to be, right? Flying cars, robots feeding you gourmet dinners, mind control, etc. No, there are no flying cars and mind control. More like robots. Just goddamn robots. They're the people born without any emotions, and for most of my life so far, I thought I was one of them. Until James Rodney came into the picture and muddled my perfect robotic world up, and named me an "Outcast".
Outcasts are perceived as dangerous. We're the baddest of the bad, greatest of the great, evilest of the evil. That's why they plant correctional institutes all over the world to make us better--to make us what they think is normal again--to turn us back into robots. I've been warned not to stay around James. A voice in the back of my head reminds me all the time. But who can attempt to stay away from someone that broken? I'm letting him ruin my life, and I guess I'm okay with that.

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