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Untitled(for now)

Untitled(for now)
What are dreams...are they just that--dreams? Or are they more?

Yin thinks she is the typical teenager...until she awakens from a dream. Her life takes an unexpected turn... Her wake world will never be same...

dreams, supernatural, love, romance
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I think Im going to cry :)) Tearin up a little over here LOL. Seriously it means so much. Thank you!

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Or what you have so far.

One of the BEST books I have read on Bookrix! A book with a sense of itself. Believable and engaging dialogue and many parts that made me smile and captured my imagination. A GREAT main character that will steal your heart. And, thank God, it's not another Twi-clone. I love twilight to death but I crave original, and visionary - and that is what this book delivers. Awesome. READ IT!
I proudly stand... mehr anzeigen

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Thanks! I think you have restored my faith in this story! :)) I havent wrote on it--in awhile. And I was really close to not finishing it--until now! LOL I hope your dog was able to 'relieve' himself/herself. Thanks again--this is my first comment/critque yet. Maybe there is an author in me after all. :)

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You can write girl! What a great vision!
LOL! I'm smiling over here, going to take a quick break to walk a whining dog - the noises he's making right now are quite convincing, he'd gotta go - but had to leave my comment now. DAMN! this is really good stuff. On page 14 and liking it. well done.

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