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With every drop of rain comes another drop of color

With every drop of rain comes another drop of color
"Sami! Sam, don't do it! Sami, please!" I have never resented the distance separating us more than in this moment as I try to reach her through the webcam. "SAMI, COME BACK HERE NOW," I shriek, crying hysterically.

When the black-haired girl walks out of her bathroom and back into my sight, her look says it all; I know instantly it happened again. It's never hurt quite this much, though. This time, there's the heart-wrenching pain of knowing that I was right here, unable to do anything. And she did it on purpose. She knew it would hurt me.

She looks at me, expressionless. "I'm sorry," Sam whispers, closing the laptop as the tears stream down my face.

The words echo through my mind relentlessly.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Suicide, Self-harm, Friendship
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