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A Laodicean (fiscle Part-11) Of-1

User: silviya
A Laodicean (fiscle Part-11) Of-1

The Sun Blazed Down And Down, Till It Was Within Half-An-Hour Of Its
Setting; But The Sketcher Still Lingered at His Occupation Of Measuring
And Copying the Chevroned Doorway--A Bold And Quaint Example Of A
Transitional Style Of Architecture, Which Formed The Tower Entrance To
An English Village Church. The Graveyard Being quite Open On Its Western
Side, The Tweed-Clad Figure Of The Young Draughtsman, And The Tall Mass
Of Antique Masonry Which Rose Above Him To A Battlemented Parapet,
Were Fired To A Great Brightness By The Solar Rays, That Crossed The
Neighbouring mead Like A Warp Of Gold Threads, In whose Mazes Groups Of
Equally Lustrous Gnats Danced and Wailed Incessantly.

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