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A Popular History Of Ireland V1 (Fiscle Part-4) of 2

User: silviya
A Popular History Of Ireland V1 (Fiscle Part-4) of 2

The Campaigns Of 1168 And 1169 Had Ended Prosperously
For Dermid In The Treaty Of Ferns. By That Treaty He Had
Bound Himself To Bring No More Normans Into The Country,
And To Send Those Already In His Service Back To Their
Homes. But In The Course Of The Same Autumn Or Winter,
In Which This Agreement Was Solemnly Entered Into, He
Welcomed The Arrival At Wexford--Of Maurice Fitzgerald
--Son Of The Fair Nesta By Her First Husband--And
Immediately Employed This Fresh Force, Consisting Of 10
Knights, 30 Esquires, And 100 Footmen, Upon A Hosting
Which Harried The Open Country About Dublin, And Induced
The Alarmed Inhabitants To Send Hostages Into His Camp,
Bearing Proffers Of Allegiance And Amity.

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