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The Age Of Fable(fiscle part-3 of 2)

User: silviya
The Age Of Fable(fiscle part-3 of 2)

Ulysses Clung To The Raft While Any Of Its Timbers Kept Together,
And When It No Longer Yielded him Support, Binding the Girdle
Around Him, He Swam. Minerva Smoothed the Billows Before Him And
Sent Him A Wind That Rolled the Waves Towards The Shore. The Surf
Beat High On The Rocks And Seemed to Forbid Approach; But At
Length Finding calm Water At The Mouth Of A Gentle Stream, He
Landed, Spent With Toil, Breathless And Speechless And Almost
Dead. After Some Time, Reviving, He Kissed the Soil, Rejoicing,
Yet At A Loss What Course To Take. At A Short Distance He
Perceived a Wood, To Which He Turned his Steps.

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