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Bulfinch'S Mythology, The Age Of Fable

User: silviya
Bulfinch'S Mythology, The   Age Of   Fable

The Literature Of Our Time, As Of All The Centuries Of
Christendom, Is Full Of Allusions To The Gods And Goddesses Of
The Greeks And Romans. Occasionally, And, In modern Days, More
Often, It Contains Allusions To The Worship And The Superstitions
Of The Northern Nations Of Europe. The Object Of This Book Is To
Teach Readers Who Are Not Yet Familiar With The Writers Of Greece
And Rome, Or The Ballads Or Legends Of The Scandinavians, Enough
Of The Stories Which Form What Is Called their Mythology, To Make
Those Allusions Intelligible Which One Meets Every Day, Even In
The Authors Of Our Own Time.

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