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Cake pop crush(In Progress)

Sometimes friends,school,and boys can be a recipe for disaster... Von:
Cake pop crush(In Progress)

Ella loves to bake cake pops and other sweet treats, but when her parent's bakery is closing down she's not giving up hope and her parents bakery that easily.When Jessica, the most popular girl in school offers Ella and the new boy, Jason a catering offer Ella is happy and so is Jason.Will the two Get the offer or will it be romance between the two?Who will get the job?Will Ella save her parent's Bakery? Read to find out.....




Romance, Baking, love, cooking
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You know you write pretty good. If this is your first try at writing it is well done. I imagine you like to read as well, so I imagine you realize that your book doesn't look like a lot of the others. Basically your structure is not uniform like others. Having all books structured the same makes them easier for readers to understand and enjoy.

1. Breaking your work up into paragraphs helps readers visualize what you are saying... mehr anzeigen

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Thank you for the tips!

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