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This is a story, one of fantasy and reality. Though this is a fiction work, will you be able to tell what is within the mind, and what is outside it?

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I thank everyone for commenting because it means a lot to me that my stuff gets read! So, thank you.

To your question, yes, that was on purpose; the idea was you weren't supposed to know a sense of time, a sense of what was real or not real, what was happening and what was imaginary because the character doesn't know. So, switching up tenses seemed to be a unique way of screwing up time.

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First off, your book cover is very interesting. The fact that it's not some simple picture really grabs my attentions.

Ok, now to the text.

When I started reading, I was immediately caught. A great start! However, after I flipped the page, you seemed to continually change from past to present-tense. Was that on purpose?

But other than that, I didn't want it to end! Great job!

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