Pure Blood

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Pure Blood
Erin Winter and her three friends are vampires. As you may know, Vampires are not greeted with open arms everywhere, so they are forced to hide their identity. However Erin and the others found a boarding school called Phillips. The ginger vampire is quite fond of humans and wishes that she was one. The school well, has a fancy for vampires too.

But a 17 year old Simon wants to be the only pure blooded vampire. So that he can rule the Vampire Nation. He knows for a fact that there is a pure blood in Philips Boarding school and sends his younger brother, Kyle who's a half breed, to kill it.

Kyle doesn't want to but he can't by the law refuse a pure blood. Who is the pure blood and why hasn't Kyle killed it yet?

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Pure Blood
Book 1
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I'll be updating it as much as I can for my readers, just tell me if ya like it or not. So that I can decide whether to scrap it and write a different one or continue. Thx.

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