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Death Come Swiftly

Death is sweet when you are in the middle of hell. Von:
Death Come Swiftly
This book takes place in a government research compound in the middle of the rocky mountains.They took one of the best navy seals and preformed a test on him that went very wrong.Now he wants revenge on all those people that took his life away.

Thriller.horror, mystery, fiction
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Thank you all for the tips. I'll work on getting all the issues resolved and another edition up.


Wichtiger Beitrag

I want to read what happens next!

Good start on your story. There is an issue with proper sentencing and grammar. I think that a proof read will point out these things. You might also look at spacing. They are needed to make the story smoother to read./joeparente

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I can see this story in an extended version. You should give it a shot. They were a few grammatical errors but not too many to distract me. Also place dialogue in quotes. It was confusing to see dialogue mix with the narration. Keep writing.

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